Guppy, the contemporary Japanese bar and kitchen from ai is a beautiful restaurant which we’ve priced well and presented the food simply, to give you the comfort to come back again and again.

At the helm of Guppy is our award winning Chef Vikram Khatri, recipient of the chef of the year award. Chef Vikram is fiercely devoted to freshness, hygiene and technique. His offerings at Guppy are inspired by Japan with bold striking flavours. You could taste the spicy, the tangy, and the exotic all in one bite.

Many people believe Japanese cuisine is just about raw seafood. At Guppy however we have a wide range of delicious vegetarian food like the Snow peas, beans and wood ear mushroom salad in walnut dressing; Gluten free mushroom and asparagus gyoza; Rock corn tempura, Chilli lime dressed agedashi tofu and the Karashi vegetable casserole to name a few. We also have an array of non-vegetarian signature dishes like the most delicious slow braised Pork belly in the world; Chashu Ramen in pork broth slow cooked for 72 hours; Spicy tenderloin and Bacon and garlic fried rice.

The Ramen Burger, one of the hottest international food trends is only available at Guppy in India.

Guppy by ai constitutes of a dining area with a stunning play of colours. The charming courtyard has an anime inspired mural wall, candle lighting and casual seating centered around a tall Frangipani tree reaching for the skies. The bar together with the courtyard make for a hip space for an evening with an intimate group of friends.

Guppy by ai is a comfortable, playful wonderland and we invite you to experience and enjoy it for yourself.